Peacock Basic Architect Smart Building Blocks

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  • Age Range: 4 to 12 Years
  • Improve Skill Development
  • Devlope Motor Skills, Hand & Eye Coordination
  • Educative, Creative, Stimulating & Imaginative Which Improves Child's Over All Abilities
  • Blocks are Safe and Durable band made of Non-Toxic Plastric

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The Peacock Basic Architect plastic building block helps your kid to build items they want with ease and interest. This set is suitable for children and comes with many differently coloured pieces, which can be interlocked together to make up to three different houses of medium size as shown in the catalogue. The aim of the building sets for kids, is to help them learn about various sizes, shapes and colours. Kids can put together the building blocks as suitable to their imagination. With multiple options possible, children will love to play with the blocks.

Ideally Sized

The toy construction set is of adequate size and does not have many parts. There are only one hundred and eighty plastic pieces in the set, which children of age four years and above will find interesting as well as joyful while building houses or anything else.

Helps Recognize Shapes and Colours

The plastic construction toys from Peacock come in different shapes and colours. Initially, the child will usually take more time to place special blocks like those for roof and windows due to difficulty in locating them quickly. Over time, the child will improve his ablility to recognize the various shapes and colours.

Do-it-yourself Model

Peacock Basic Architect comes with a catalogue that guides the child to build the homes. Once the child learns the trick to build these houses , he or she can venture to build different houses on their own. This develops the child’s intelligence by helping in expanding their imagination and creativity. .

Unending Interest for Playing

Peacock Toys help to generate continuous interest for the child and to hold it without faltering. New ideas can make them build a different house each day. The very nature of the plastic block being used to build houses induces the child to create something different every time.

Starting Point

The Peacock Basic Architect plastic blocks can be the way for a child to get started in the process of identifying colours, shapes and sizes. Once this is mastered, the child can progress to handling bigger and larger sizes.

Key Features
  • 180 pieces: ideal for a child to start.
  • Children develop intelligence, creativity and imagination.
  • Includes catalogue: Initially child can build as per catalogue.
  • Non-electronic toy, does not require batteries
Batteries RequiredNo
Batteries IncludedNo
Item Weight458 g

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