About Us

Here at Chota Babu Kids World, our mission is to deliver safe, affordable and quality products which are responsibly sourced and complement childhood through fun, learning, and exploration.

Chota Babu Kids World is an initiative taken by a team of young and energetic entrepreneurs lead by Pradeep Srivastava who has worked as a chief engineer with some of the biggest kids retail brands in the world such as Kidorable(USA), Mr. Toys(Australia) to name a few. Obsessed with his love and affection for kids, Pradeep decided to start an online portal for kids toys

When we ask Pradeep what does he want to be? What does he want to do?

He simply says: I just want to be the best dad in the world and want to take my kids away from those “screens” until they are old enough to handle them.

Chota Babu Kids’ World focus is on :

1. Providing an easy and efficient way for the parents to order toys online that can help in both physical and mental growth of their kids.

2. Providing toys at the lowest prices so that everyone can afford them easily for their kids.

3. Providing an easy workaround to parents with which they can make sure that their kids escape mobile phones and all other harmful screen-based gadgets.

4. 'Changing' the way, Indian parents buy, so that they can be at home to spend more quality time with their 'Little ones' and family.

5. Last and the most important, to help in shaping the future of India with citizens having better creativity and more innovative minds.

With these core values in mind, Chota Babu Kids World started working for your little ones in 2018.

Enough about us now let's take you shopping, And don’t forget to give us a buzz on +91-8527-93-4636 in case you feel any problems or if you just want to let us know how awesome your kids are ;)

Happy Toys Shopping!